Content Guidelines

Due to obscenity laws in the US, Canada, and some European countries, to protect the Xpurity community, you cannot openly fantasize or eroticize about certain topics such as any underage, incest, zoophilia, necrophilia, or scat fetishes.

Our guidelines aren’t black and white nor do we think it’s healthy for them to be. For every guideline, there are tens of thousands of special cases that we will have to review on a case-by-case basis and act on them by taking into consideration multiple factors including context, how the average person might interpret something, etc.

If at any point you’re ever concerned something you’re posting might be misconstrued the wrong way then please make the extra effort to assure things are as clear as possible.

If you have any questions about our guidelines don’t hesitate to email

  • No Underage

    Under no circumstances can someone post a picture or video that includes a minor, either partially or fully, suggestive or not. We also don't allow anything that sexualizes a minor.

  • No Actual Incest

    You can not post any pics or vids that display real incest between lineal ancestors or lineal descendants.

  • No Bestiality

    Due to concerns of animal abuse, we don't allow the sharing of pics, vids, erotica, or links to sex or sex acts with animals (this is known as bestiality). We also don't allow people to look for others to participate in bestiality.

  • No Animal Cruelty

    We do not allow any visual or written material to do with the crushing of any type of animal, either dead or alive, in a sexual or kinky context. Animals include, but are not limited to mammals, insects, and fish.

  • Limited Blood Play

    We can't allow the public sharing of visible real or realistic blood in an eroticized context.

  • Limited Scat Play

    We can't allow people to publicly share any pictures or videos where scat play is involved whether it's: visible poop or diarrhea, real or fake (simulated), smeared or otherwise coming out of the body or already out. This is due to regulations outside of our control. Scat play does not include diaper play, anal play, or enemas.

  • Hateful Slurs

    Using a hateful slur to attack another person or group of people, in public or private, is not tolerated. Hateful slurs include, but are not limited to racial, ethnic, homophobic, and transphobic slurs. Exceptions to this rule include, but are not limited to using a slur when referring to oneself as a form of self-empowerment. The misspelling of a hateful slur does not make it less of one.

  • Bullying and Harassment

    We believe that sharing differing viewpoints, giving constructive feedback, and having lively debates are qualities of a healthy and productive conversation. However, the line is crossed when people start to behave in a way that we believe would discourage a reasonable person from participating on Xpurity. Examples that cross the line include, but are not limited to attack, or making fun of other Xpurity members, groups, discussions, etc.

  • Revenge Porn

    We define revenge porn as any picture or video that is: sexually explicit in nature; knowingly posted without the pictured person's consent; posted to humiliate, intimidate, or blackmail the pictured person; posted with sufficient information to identify the pictured person. If we determine that someone has posted revenge porn to Xpurity we do the following: 1) Execute a 90-day preservation request on the full profile that posted the revenge porn. This way all evidence is maintained for 90 days just in case the victim of the revenge porn wants to press charges. 2) Delete the reported revenge porn 3) If the member joined Xpurity with the sole purpose of distributing revenge porn, we lock the member out and put their profile in the delete queue. 4) If the member is an active member of Xpurity, we give them one warning and only allow them back into their account if they agree to never again distribute revenge porn. If they ever post revenge porn again, they will be locked out of their profile and their profile will be added to the delete queue.

  • Keyword Spam

    People sometimes add a list of related keywords to a description, writing, picture, etc. to make sure that the content in question appears in the appropriate search results. In some cases, people sometimes get a bit overzealous and add hundreds of keywords, oftentimes unrelated keywords, to increase the visibility of their page, writing, picture, etc. If someone has added many unrelated keywords just to boost visibility, we remove all keywords.

  • Registered Sex Offender

    A Registered Sex Offender (RSO) convicted of a violent or nonconsensual offense is not permitted to have an account on Xpurity. To confirm someone is a registered sex offender, we need the following: (1) Proof of being on a sex offender registry: a) Link to public RSO listing; or b) Link to court documents; or c) Link to a news article (only in places where there is no public registry) (2) Clear and obvious link between the account in question and proof provided. For more general information on reporting, please visit: After the report has been escalated, a member of the legal team reviews the report. Once a member of the legal team confirms that adequate proof has been provided and that there is a clear and obvious link between the account and the evidence, the account is put in the delete queue, the removed member is notified, and information about them is added to our internal RSO list. If a RSO creates a new account after we removed their initial account, and they live in an area where mandatory reporting of internet identifiers is required, a member of our legal team will report them to the proper authorities.